The Website Takeover

Is this for you...

Have you ever watched HGTV and watched how experts come in and takeover a home, make the owners do a little homework, and than surprise them with the big reveal?

This is TL Hayden's approach to a website takeover. TL Hayden currently only uses the website platform SQUARESPACE for client websites. Squarespace is easy to use with it's drag and drop / plug and play website building system. How it works: For two weeks, she confiscates website login privileges and takes over as boss, bringing her unapologetic, honest approach to entrepreneurs and creatives who are in dire need of her skilled branding direction. TL Hayden basically gives struggling entrepreneurs the major push they need to get their online presence on track. Dream Clients: This service is available for creatives who love TL Haydens's style of design, need a website up quick, not exactly sure of what they like or how to start, are a little tech savvy, and in need of a website that fits their brand.  Clients must be willing to do the work needed of them, in a timely manner, learn the website platform, and not be afraid of managing the website on their own once the creative aspect is complete. All communication is done through email and a few quick phone chats. We will discuss color, style, options, and more to figure out if TL Hayden will make a great fit for your needs.

Investment $160

your squarespace account must already be created with your chosen template before we start

50% of payment needed up front | All card transactions will incur a processing fee of 2.9%+.30

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Let's Start

"Think you'd like to work with me? Here's the link to my branding questionnaire. Fill it out whenever you're ready..."

***Please Note: TL Hayden takes on a limited number of custom projects per year***

TL Hayden has helped many entrepreneurs re-brand or get their business up and running online.


Logo Design by TL Hayden Designs / TLH Designs
Logo Design by TL Hayden Designs / TLH Designs
Logo Design by TL Hayden Designs / TLH Designs

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