Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

There’s a lie my dad has been telling me since I can remember : “Oh honey, I know you want to study abroad, but we can’t have everything we want in this life!”. Does it sound familiar?

He was always looking at me with puppy eyes, whenever he was saying this to me, since he knew he was destroying my dreams, but for a reason he thought he was doing “what’s best for me”. Now let me tell you something. The people who love you, want to help you and always want “what’s best for you” but what’s best for you isn’t always what they think it is. If I had listened to him, I wouldn’t have received my offer letters a few days ago from universities in the UK. It is my dream to leave my hometown and study Psychology in England. But my dad said no. And I said yes. Me and my mom chased it till it became true.


This life is full of opportunities. If you get the idea of the word “impossible” out of your head you can do anything.

 know you may think that you don’t have what it takes to make your dreams come true, and I know that flying (if that’s your dream) sounds impossible. But damnit people are flying. Whether it’s sky diving from an airplane or Hang-gliding, they are flying. Don’t tell me you can’t achieve your goals. Tell me you haven’t tried hard enough. Tell me that you tried but maybe there’s another way. Because there is always an another way.

Write down your dreams and make plans.

For example if you want to go to India and meditate with the Yogis then get a job, save the money needed for the trip and pack your suitcase. You don’t need motivational quotes on your wall. You don’t need a swimsuit hanged in your closet to remind you, you want to lose weight. You need your passion and your actions. You need to stay dedicated.

Stop thinking that you can’t have it all.

In the end you might not but the journey to get it, is all that matters. What you want now is not necessarily what you’ll want in a year from now. But if you start chasing it, during the journey you’ll find yourself. This lie my dad has been telling me, is his truth. And he hasn’t made his dreams come true. It’s like venom to your spirit. Stop saying it to yourself, and stop listening to the ones that are telling it to you. You are unstoppable.

You might not have the money.

I know I don’t. But in five months I’ll be an undergraduate student in England. Just because I believed in myself. And because I made my mom believe in me. Have a passion for your dreams so strong that you can convince the universe that you own your dream. Forget about the law of attraction. Forget about the lies they’ve been feeding you. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Fight for what’s best for you. You are enough. Your dream is all you need.

I know you might find a how-to list more easy and view it as a guide. But you have to make the guide. You have to be creative. You have to find ways. You have to find solutions. You have to turn your dreams into reality. It’s possible.

“Die with memories, not dreams.”

Love, Anna Maria of Love Yourself Fly